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Sell like a Boss and earn passive income monthly with the new reseller scheme!
No set-up fees... just pay as you sell

How It Works?

The reseller program allows you to register and manage schools on our platform at a discounted price.

To become a reseller, you sign-up using the form on this page, verify your email address and then you will be able to login to your reseller dashboad.

From your reseller dashboard, you will be able to Create schools, Manage your existing Schools, Manage Subscription for your existing schools and access other reseller tools.

When you create a school as a reseller, you have the option to give Super User access to the school owner or keep it to your self for better control. Whichever be the case, the school owners will not be able to view or manage their own subscriptions.

All reminders and other account emails for the schools you manage are sent to your email address. This means that you will be responsible for making sure that the school's subscriptions are always renewed.

How Much Will I Earn?

Our reseller program works on a Earn-As-You-Grow reward commission system. This simply means that your commision increases as you create more schools.

You will be given 5% discount for your First 10 active subscriptions. If you have more thant 10 active subscriptions, you will be given 10% discount on all subsequesnt subscriptions under your account.

Become a Reseller