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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can use

A: can be used by any educational institution, but is most suitable for High-Schools, Secondary Schools, Primary Schools and Kindergarten/Nursery Schools.

Q: How is different from other school management softwares present in the market?

A: is one of its kinds. It has been designed and developed after years and years of research on problems commonly faced by schools, especially those across Nigeria. It is designed to provide all the modules and features an educational institution will need, all in one platform at a very affordable price.

Q: Can I import my existing school data on eschoolcloud?

A: Yes. We offer an easy to use tool to import all your existing students record from Excel sheet.

Q: Are there limits to number or records I can manage?

A: No. Your subscription allows you to manage Unlimited records for your school.

Q: Do have an offline version of the software too or just the web based software?

A: SOA is an offline version of, which can be licensed to be deployed at the School’s chosen hosting or Server or premises. Visit SOA Website at to learn more.

Q: Are there hidden charges?

A: No, there are no hidden charges. You will have to just make the monthly subscription payment as per our agreement.

Q: Can I integrate staff portal to my application or website?

A: Yes. You can integrate or link the staff portal to your website or application using one of the following methods;
Option 1: Create a link on your website pointing to "".
Option 2: Download This HTML code snippet and place it on the Header Section of your application. This will generate a floating Login button, which pops-up the Staff Login form when clicked.
Option 3: Create a HTML page containing an iFrame with "src" attribute pointing to "".

Q: How do I integrate Student's portal to my school website?

A: can be easily and seamlessly integrated with any website using simple HTML code, irrespective of the design platform. You can use one of the following options;
Option 1: Create a link on your website pointing to your's unique school portal URL "{your_username}".
Option 2: Create a sub-domain on your hosting (cPanel) then point it to your unique school portal URL "{your_username}".
Option 3: Download This HTML code snippet and place it on the Header Section of your website (or template). This will generate a floating Login button, which pops-up a student login form when clicked.

Q: Can I resell eSchoolcloud?

A: Yes, you can resell by joining our Reseller Scheme.
When you join our reseller scheme, you get to create and manage unlimited number of schools under your reseller account.
You can sell subscriptions to these schools at your own price. You can even choose to keep the supper user access to yourself for more control over the schools.
Let us know if you need ideas on how to resell our service without letting the school owner know that you are buying from us.

Q: Can I have the option to upgrade or downgrade from one plan to another plan once I buy the software?

A: Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan anytime you like. However, downgrade refunds are not permissible.

Q: Can I pay for more than a month's subscription in advance?

A: Yes. You have the option to subscribe for a month or several months in advance.

Q: Is there a trial version?

A: Yes, we do have full trial version for 15 days after you sign-up.

Q: What is the mode of payment?

A: You can pay online using your Master-card, Visa Card, or online internet transfer.

Q: What happens if my subscription expires?

A: When you subscription ends, you will be notified by SMS and Email. You will be required to renew your subscription within 5 days, else you entire school data will be erased from our system.